Our machines include everything you need to start cutting:

- 50A Plasma Cutter

​   (Cuts through 3/8" Raw Steel)

- Air Compressor

- Control Tablet

- Table (4'x8' or 4'x4' cutting area)

- All electronics

- Torch Height Control

- Automatic Material Sensing

​- Duty Cycle Tracker

​4'x8' Machine is $5,500

4'x4' Machine is $4,600

​A non-refundabledeposit of $2,500 is required for both table sizes.

​Current build time is 2 months from time of deposit.

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Go Fab CNC Plasma machines are meant to be worked hard and are built to handle almost anything. We use them for fabricating, welding, handheld plasma cutting, and everything else. We use the flat surface and frame to support and construct large structures. While we can't recommend it, we even climb all over our machines to get the job done!

Plasma Table

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Our machines are operated wirelessly from a touchscreen Tablet. No need for a dedicated computer and no need to buy or learn complicated software. Our app is simple and intuitive. You can start cutting as soon as you get your machine!


Unlike most companies, we don't just design the cutting table, we design the electronics and the software as well. We also exclusively sell our machines as a complete and ready go system, so there's no need to buy additional components. This gives us the ability to save cost and optimize performance. It also means we are your single source for questions - no need to speak to a separate company for a software question!

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All of our machines come with key features that make them capable and convenient.


The machine will automatically find the surface of the material and set itself to the right height for cutting.


​This feature allows the machine to maintain the right height while cutting even if the metal is bent or warped. It can even cut designs out of corrugated metal!


​No need to worry about how long the machine is cutting. Whether you're cutting out a large batch of designs or just 1 really large design, the machine will keep track of how long it's been running. It'll pause when necessary to allow the plasma cutter to cool and then continue cutting automatically.